A new whizbang.

Nov 21, 2016 new whizbang plans cinemagraphs
Over the last week or so I've spent configuring the approach of my email (forwarding or email hosting - paid) and working to restore this website to its' former glory, everyone's doing reboots anyway!

I've opted for a clean black and white design. The side bar width has been reduced and no longer is there a sand coloured background. Some aspects of the website are still a little buggy - such as the code sections in the blog, they will be ironed out over the coming days.

A major change of this site has been that I've added git support and that I've discontinued shared hosting and opted for a VPS solution. While the previous version of the website was also supported with git, I was pushing the website via an app rather than the CLI. I’ve completely removed bootstrap from the backend and currently looks incomplete, not that high up on the list at the moment but will be done shortly for my own benefit. Other than that the core is still the same, the website is using the Laravel framework and foundation.

I've also added a new section for cinemagraphs which you can visit and peruse at your leisure. Recently cinemagraphs have caught my attention and are rather fun to do while I’m bored. I’ll either be replicating videos/gifs from /r/cinemagraphs or browsing vimeo for something interesting I can loop. Visit and follow the accompanying instagram account @cinemaly while you're on the can.

In the future I'll be restructuring the front-end again to use Vue.js as it is definitely trending and perfect for small-medium projects and I'm finally beginning my major project which I'll be building an API and use that with google maps before building the iPhone application. Getting the web app up and running will be a priority.

If you found the following info helpful, I'm happy to accept any donations of the following cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin - 17DTiPExzP9StqveW428acEyB4mVMfKbiK
  • Ethereum - 0x87B8307FD20dc90cc05c94905Ec593134D32B6FF
  • Litecoin - LZMiz5U5sVq9doMLYE3gfLJrxCQDKuyCmU
  • Neo - AXv71WB38ajc1KUUEnxQKhynLLPc4BapVb