My very first blog post!

Mar 7, 2016 blog laravel first intro
Actually it's not, I had to make other posts to test it with first.

This blog serves as a way for me to document the struggles I've come across in new programming languages and examples so that other developers or new developers can also learn from my new findings, hopefully saving them hours of time! It's always that little mistake that grinds us to stop.

I've also made a repository on this website showing the source code for those that want to have a look at how a Laravel 5.2 application is put together. There are also many resources you can look at on YouTube and Google and also the Laravel documentation itself. However I recommend you have the following knowledge before starting a Laravel project.

- Command Line Interface
- HTML/CSS (Bootstrap or Foundation framework)
- Javascript
- Basic Database principles
- Object Oriented Programming
- MVC Design

There'll probably be lots of Laravel/PHP posts, perhaps some javascript (Angular) as I go but I hope to come back around to Swift/Objective-C as I begin to build my first API and connect it with my iPhone app.˜

If you found the following info helpful, I'm happy to accept any donations of the following cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin - 17DTiPExzP9StqveW428acEyB4mVMfKbiK
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