Neo Blockchain Price Alert

Oct 2, 2017 neo blockchain decentralised alert
Over the past month, of China's involvement in blockchain technology, they singlehandedly wiped $40 billion off the market. I made this app to keep us up to date with Neo, tracking the rise and fall of the Neo price against Coinmarket cap's API throughout the day in 5 minute intervals.

Built with Laravel, the task scheduler used and a cronjob is palced to run the scheduler every minute (it could probably run every 5 minutes to match the scheduler). The emails are queued using the Laravel's queue along with the Supervisor package.

Next update is to include top posts on the Neo subreddit.

If you found the following info helpful, I'm happy to accept any donations of the following cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin - 17DTiPExzP9StqveW428acEyB4mVMfKbiK
  • Ethereum - 0x87B8307FD20dc90cc05c94905Ec593134D32B6FF
  • Litecoin - LZMiz5U5sVq9doMLYE3gfLJrxCQDKuyCmU
  • Neo - AXv71WB38ajc1KUUEnxQKhynLLPc4BapVb