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Simple Night Shift Mode Fo Websites

I spent an afternoon going over how I would emulate the Night Shift mode made by Apple who they were inspired from or was it someone else.. There’s an app on the app store that does the same thing. This javascript plugin I ma...

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Ajax In Vanilla Javascript

I was sending in a request via jQuery for my new project and was curious what the code was to do it in vanilla javascript. So here it is below. Vanilla Javascript


    var data = JSON.stringify({lat: parseFloat(latCoord), lng:parseF...

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Console.log and its' variations

Discovered a few months ago, that console.log isn't the only method to print out values. To make distinctions between each print, you may also use .info(), .debug(), .warn() and .error(). Each browser handles these slightly differently - mainly co...

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Ending an infinite animation loop smoothly with javascript and css

If you want end an animation smoothly here’s how. I wanted to end an infinite looping animation that gradually fades from 1 to 0 opacity over a period of time. Most solutions would end immediately mid frame before the animation loop has completed...

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