Vuejs - data: or data()?

Jul 30, 2018 vuejs laravel data option undefined
Do you get an undefined value when printing the data from a component? Spent a few hours debugging this on a codepen I’m working on for my portfolio. As I’m passing an array to a child component I was outputting an undefined array for the child’s property - xValues/yValues.

As it so happens, there’s difference between using data: and data(). I noticed the syntax but I wasn't sure of the difference and what effect it had. What I began to discover was the scope of the variables and my properties no longer existed. Why did these variables return undefined. It was a mixture of understanding components, scope and objects.

Looking at the link provided in 1.b, it becomes clearer understanding that each object has a unique signature. That’s how many languages identify and perform logical operators to match objects with each other. We must supple the data option a function if it is a component’s data. When data is of the root, we can provide it without since there is only ever one copy of the root instance.

(shorthand) data() { return {//my variables } }
data: function() {return { //my variables } }.

Use without function for root, but you must apply the function() to the data option in a component.

Refer to about short and standard notations.


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